Previously graduated students

Post-Doc. Fellows

Masters Students

Honours Students

PhD Students (year and thesis title)

Mauricio Cantor (2016) On the interplay between society and culture: causes, consequences and stability of sperm whale clans

Shane Gero (2012) On the dynamics of social relationships and vocal communication between individuals and social units of sperm whales

Sarah Wong (2012) A pelagic paradox: The ecology of a top predator in an oceanic desert

Hilary Moors (2012) Vocal communication and foraging ecology of northern bottlenose whales (Hyperoodon ampullatus) on the Scotian Shelf, Nova Scotia

Catalina Gomez (2012) River dolphins as indicators of ecosystem degradation in large tropical rivers

Tyler Schulz (2007) The Production and Exchange of Sperm Whale Coda Vocalizations

Robert Michaud The social organization of the St. Lawrence Beluga

Lars Bejder (2005) Linking short and long-term effects of nature-based tourism on cetaceans

Luke Rendell (2003) Cultural variation and usage of coda vocalisations by sperm whales, Physeter macrocephalus

Sascha Hooker (1999) Resource and habitat use of northern bottlenose whales in the Gully: ecology, diving and ranging behaviour

Shannon Gowans (1999) Social organization and population structure of northern bottlenose whales in the Gully

Jenny Christal (1998) An analysis of sperm whale social structure: patterns of association and genetic relatedness

Nathalie Jaquet (1996) Distribution and spatial organisation of groups of sperm whales in relation to biological and environmental factors in the south Pacific

Mary Dillon (1996) Genetic structure of sperm whale populations assessed by mitochondrial DNA sequence variation

Kenny Richard (1995) A molecular genetic analysis of kinship in free-living groups of sperm whales

Carol Carlson (1992) Variation in the behavior of humpback whales: a study of individuals


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